Is PC Study Bible compatible with Windows 8?

Initial reports indicate that PC Study Bible, Versions 4 and 5, work well on the new operating system. However, if you find you can't open your program after the install finishes or you have missing icons, then try applying the Compatibility Settings below. These settings are crucial to make PC Study Bible run in Windows 8; if you get an update to your system, it would be good to double check to make sure that these settings are still in place.

If you are running Windows 8 on a tablet, keep in mind that PC Study Bible was not built for a tablet and some of the features may be difficult to use or won't work at all.there are even smaller versions of Windows 8 that will not allow PC Study Bible to be installed.

Towards the end of this article, you can view the Known Problems of running PC Study Bible in Windows 8.

PC Study Bible Compatibility Settings for Windows 8/8.1 (for desktop/touch screen)

  1. Close all major programs, MS Word, PC Study Bible etc.
  2. Look for an Icon along the bottom of the screen that looks like 3 office or manila folders and click it. This will open something called File Explorer.
  3. Note – If there is no such Icon along the bottom bar, then press and hold the Windows Key and then press “E”. (The Windows Key is in the last row of keys on the Keyboard; usually two keys from the left or right of the Space Bar.) Pressing and then releasing these 2 keys together will open File Explorer.
  4. Look for and click/tap on COMPUTER or THIS PC
  5. Open the LOCAL DISK C:, this may say Windows 8 or OS
  6. Open the folder named PROGRAM FILES or PROGRAM FILES X86 if your system is running a 64 bit
  7. Open the BIBLESOFT folder
  8. Open the folder PC STUDY BIBLE
  9. Open the folder named, PROGRAM
  10. Look for two files named JOSHUA
  11. Ignore the file JOSHUA.DLL
  12. Right click (or Press and Hold if you are on a touch screen) the JOSHUA file that has the icon
  13. Choose PROPERTIES from the Menu
  14. Choose the Tab named, COMPATIBILITY
  15. Place a check mark next to Run this program in compatibility mode for and select WINDOWS XP (SERVICE PAK 3)
  16. Place a Check mark where it says, RUN THIS PROGRAM AS AN ADMINISTRATOR
  17. Click the APPLY Button
  18. Click OK
  19. Close the open windows until back to the desktop screen

The message about running short of Hard Drive space is a false message. Currently, Biblesoft does not know why this message comes up. But we do know that it is a harmless message. This message will be seen if you're running v4 or early versions of v5.

Known Problems

We don't have a timeframe on when these problems will have a fix available.
  1. The Reset to Factory Defaults doesn't always work.
  2. You may not be able to Save your Bible Reading Plan.

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